It was just last week when we learned that California group, SOB x RBE, were breaking up after their next album Gangin’ 2, which drops this Friday (9/28). Member Yhung T.O. shared the news on his Instagram, announcing “Gangin 2 Will Be My Last Album With SOB. Me And @_daboii_ Got sum shit still in the cut fa y’all tho.” He also explained, “Sumtimes No matter how hard you try to keep shit together sometimes shit just be destined 💔 Who knows what the future a bring tho.” He ended the post by shouting out all the members in the crew, alluding to that there was no bad blood amongst them.

While fans were saddened by the news, there still might be a glimmer of hope that the crew isn’t breaking up. On Monday, Young T.O. shared a contradicting post on IG, that showed him and Slimmy B posting next to a Bentley, with a caption that read “SOB x RBE 4 Life.”

Now its quite possible it could’ve been affirmation that things are coming to an end, and it’ll be “ROB x SBE” for life, OR they’re taking a break for a while and will always be putting music out at a later time, but nevertheless it’s got fans hoping they aren’t calling it quits.

Check out the misleading post (below) and let us know what you think. Is this a farewell post or they trying to telling us they’re not going anywhere?


Are SOB x RBE Really Breaking Up?