Night School starring Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish hits theaters this Friday, and the comedic duo is continuing on their promo run for the flick. The plot for Night School is simple, Hart plays an uneducated man who attempts to attain his GED by completing night classes. If you’ve ever been to a night class, whether for a GED or in college, you would know that the most entertaining students come out after the sun goes down. The night professors are also a little more engaging, and Haddish and Hart will play on those roles to bring comedic gold to audiences across the nation.

Hart and Haddish stopped by Complex‘s “Hot Ones” segment recently to promote the film, and they participated in a new game called “Truth or Dab.” As the name suggests, contestants are forced to either answer a personal question or eat a wing dabbed in some of the hottest sauce on the planet. Host Sean Evans starts the challenge by asking Hart to rank Dwayne Johnson’s performance based on three movies. Hart quickly creates his list, placing Central Intelligence in first place and the widely panned Baywatch last. Next, Haddish is asked to rank Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, and Amy Schumer. Haddish placed Chappelle first (obviously), which earned her a confused scolding from Hart, who she placed second. 

The second round of Truth or Dab turned it up a notch by asking Hart if he eats booty. The comedian opted to eat a spicy wing over revealing the specifics of his personal life. Next, Hart was hit with a math equation, which he gets wrong. That’s two wings for Hart, who can barely stomach the spices. As he sweated and paced around, Haddish ate a wing like a boss after refusing to answer which celebrity was the biggest let down to meet. Lastly, Haddish is asked about anyone sliding in her DMs, to which she answered that Drake hit her up to be in a music video via the private message format.