Ever since Kanye West vowed to “fix ‘Wolves’,” the album as we know it changed. Back in the day, when a project was pressed, that was that. Artist and fan alike were stuck with the product they initially received. Now, albums can be changed with a mere upload. Simpler times, though some purists may take issue with the post-drop adjustment period. Either way, the door has opened for artists to revisit their projects, in the event that they catch something annoying, or simply want to tie up some loose ends. In Young Thug’s case, it would appear that a sizeable fix is in order.

Earlier, the On The Rvn rapper took to social media to announce his intentions. “The song “ON THE RVN” is featured by @OffsetYRN will be fixed in a moment !!,” writes Thug, via Twitter. As of now, the track remains the same, though that will no doubt change by day’s end. It’s unclear whether Offset’s verse was always meant to appear, or if it’s actually the product of a spontaneous whim; either way, the standout cut is set to expand, and we can only hope that Offset’s presence does not negate Thugger’s own contributions.

Be sure to peep On The Rvn now, which dropped last night during the wee hours.