Serena Williams has a body that looks good both while she’s playing tennis and while she’s keeping it seductive and fun. The 23-time Grand Slam winner features in Beyonce’s music video for “Sorry,” so the marvelous athlete has had practice dropping it low to the banger. Serena had a rough month, after a biased judge helped secure her defeat at the US Open Women’s finals to Japan’s Naomi Osaka. It doesn’t look like Serena is too concerned at the moment though, as she was spotted getting down to “Sorry” while filming for Lip Sync Battle. 

Lip Sync Battle places celebrities in a karaoke role while acting out the song they are performing. Most often than not, celebrities go all out, and attempt to pull off the most epic reenactments ever. Serena seems to be in the “all out” category. TMZ got their hands on footage of Serena twerking on set, and she’s surrounded by a full cast as she turns up. From the footage, it is unclear whether or not Serena is the main performer, or if she’s helping to reconstruct the music video that she was featured in. Either way, we’re excited to see Serena twerking in all of her glory when the official episode premieres.