Where 50 Cent and Tekashi 6IX9INE are involved, hilarity is close by.

This time around, you’ll find 6IX9INE making his daily meme-worthy rounds with a new clip in which he recreated 50 Cent’s “In DaClubb” music video.

Playing the role, Tekashi puts a sweatband on and kicks things off upside down the same way the G-Unit honcho did when he took on the role of Dr. Dre and Eminem’s “experiment” for the video of his breakout single. Similarly, 6IX9INE sloppily attaches strings to his torso to properly assume the position of a lab rat before transitionng to a 2003-era outfit as he enters the “club.”

“I’m going back to 50cent’s career anybody want something,” writes 6IX9INE. “#getthestrap 😩 Go tell pops he better chill.”


Tekashi’s new post came as a response to 50’s clowning antics when he went after Tekashi’s outfit, worn during a Phillippe Plein show at Milan Fashion Week, particularly calling out the helmet that Tekashi had to wear as part of the get-up.

“lm a fuck Philipp plein up for putting that helmet on my son head,” Fif attached to the comedic video of Tekashi having a biker’s helmet adjusted on his dome. “l don’t care how much he paid him 😤don’t do that to my ew 😡🤨get the strap #lecheminduroi


As one Twitter user points out, Tekashi may have very well sparked an “In Da Club” challenge with this one. What do you think?



6IX9INE Recreates 50 Cent's "In Da Club" Music Video