Toronto’s Haviah Mighty has embarked on her solo career having formerly been known for her placement with the female rap group, The Sorority. In light of International Women’s Day that was yesterday (but let’s just say the whole weekend) Haviah dropped off a powerful single called “In Women Colour” that touches on her personal experiences with ignorance and judgment that comes with being a black woman.

“They used to say I’m too loud but that’s cool now, love my skin, always been proud, guess that’s in now. They used to say I’m too black with that crude rap and I courier the boom bap over new trap,” she raps. “In Women Colour” is an anthem for the underdogs and any marginalized individuals who have felt left out. 

The new song foreshadows the kind of work and content Haviah is working to release later in the year and it’s safe to say we’re already looking forward.

Listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

And I’m darker than my friends
Finally they see it and they start to get the trend
I gotta do two times more two get four times less