RiFF RAFF & Chief Keef Release New Single "TiP TOE 3"

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RiFF RAFF calls on Chief Keef for his new song.

Last month, RiFF RAFF collaborated with YG for a new strip club anthem. Now, RiFF RAFF is teaming up with Chief Keef on a song that is suitable for your light march to the jewelry store. Keef and RiFF have both experienced success in their careers and they actually music together years ago, dropping "Cuz My Gear" in 2012. It's only right for them to renew their bond, dropping "Tip Toe 3" as a duo today.


Somehow, RiFF RAFF's voice is sort of hypnotic here. He's grown as an artist, expanding his catalog to include songs like this one. While the lyrical content is nothing special, RiFF RAFF adopts a softer style for his latest tip-toeing track. While both RiFF and Keef can be hit-or-miss these days, this collab isn't too shabby at all. What do you think?

Quotable Lyrics:

Tip-toeing to the jewelry store
I don't really care about nothin' anymore
Grandma said I grew up, I ain't stubborn anymore
I think that hoe mad cause we ain't fuckin' anymore
Tip-toeing to the Gucci store
Pussy, why you looking at my jewelry for?
That's that shit that I might get a jury for
You tuckin' your shit, why you buy that jewelry for?

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