Those who value the art of storytellin’ are no doubt familiar with both Nas and Slick Rick, who have emerged as some of rap’s most acclaimed authors. Both parties have consistently delivered nuanced tales with deft penmanship, and while story-driven rap has taken somewhat of a backseat (much to the dismay of golden-era propagators), it’s clear that appreciation for the style remains even now. For the ones who can appreciate a good yarn, you may very well enjoy this historic meet up between Nasir Jones and The Ruler himself, Slick Rick.

Some may be too young to remember Slick Rick’s heydey; even Nas rose to prominence in the early nineties, despite releasing excellent material well into the millennium. Either way, understand that this can be seen as an iconic partnership and one that might have produced more music under different circumstances. We did, however, receive “Me & Nas Bring It To Your Hardest,” and of course, Nas’ recent sample of Slick Rick’s vocals on “Cops Shot The Kid.”

Salute to these two master storytellers. We appreciate you.