Kehlani is keeping busy with her mom-to-be happenings such as posing for glowing photos and getting her regular check-ups. She may not be recording as much or in the studio, but she’s just announced that she will be heading to the Beats1 studio for an upcoming podcast with her best friend.

The show will be called Sunday Gems and will be hosted with Reyna Biddy as they talk all things womanhood. “Two best friends, mamas, young working women unpacking topics and sharing gems we come across collectively,” Kehlani wrote alongside the official photo. The official description on Apple details how the show will have a “fresh perspectives on everything life, love, and beyond.”

Kehlani has been very open and vocal about her pregnancy so far, with videos and photos on her Instagram explaining what she’s been going through. “We are so healthy, happy, and abundant tho! We are more present than I have ever been alone, more strong than I have ever been on my own,” Kehlani wrote. “Six months and I feel like time is flying. this is my most favorite journey I have ever embarked on, the greatest path I have ever taken.”