It may not have been classic showing by Germany up to this point, but their reputation as slow starters surely preceded them, and going into their final fixture against South Korea they looked like a solid bet to advance all things considered. Of course, a resilient South Korean side had other things in mind, running up a two-goal deficit on their way to victory, a result that limited South Korea to third place in Group F just ahead of Germany.

The Internet is in utter shock over the result, with the German DFB even summing up their own misery with the word “Speechless.” Better to play defense, like you did “on the pitch.”

The Germans are generally respected around the world for their footballing and their temperament, but critics in Brazil were happy to see their rivals fail. Fox Sports Brasil childishly posted a laughing script in response to the loss, avenging the humiliating 7-1 defeat the Brazilian National Team suffered at the hands of the Deutscher Fußball-Bund. Brazil meets Serbia in a deciding match later today.

One particularly famous blogger on the Korean side, promised to buy anyone who Retweeted his post, a chicken dinner. The post is currently resting at 16.9 RTs in total.

A few users even went to the trouble of creating a new flag celebrating Germany’s demise, a combination of the South Korean and Mexican flag, both nations to hand Germany decisive losses in Group F.

Another user reminded soccer fans of the definitive moment in German coach Joachim Low’s career when he was picking boogers, no less shameful than his side’s elimination.

All this Twitter buzz doesn’t account for soccer pundits analyzing the team’s performance. But that’s not exactly pertinent in the wake of our disbelief. And to think Italy missing the final tournament was destined to be the biggest FAIL up ’til now.