A Wisconsin teenager was sentenced to up to forty years in a mental hospital after stabbing one of her classmates 19 times. The incident occurred almost four years ago, as Morgan Geyser and Anna Weier lured Payton Leutner, a fellow acquaintance of theirs, into a forest and repeatedly stabbed her 19 times. 

This terrifying act of violence was largely influenced by a fictional character named Slender Man, who apparently visited Geyser and convinced her to carry out such brutality. Leutner was luckily able to escape the assault and catch the attention of a nearby cyclist. In advance of the sentencing, Geyser tearfully apologized to Leutner for the attack, recognizing her wrongdoing. 

However, judicial personnel and medical examiners have requested that Geyser remain in a mental hospital and receive further evaluation. Judge Michael Bohren reveals that the teen still "remains a risk to hurt herself or others."

Dr. Brooke Lundbohm argued that Geyser reportedly still heard voices in her head as of September, meaning that she still may be persuaded to commit an egregious assault once again. Dr. Lundbohm has advised authorities that Geyser should continue to receive strict treatment in a state facility, even though she had made prior advancements in her mental health. However, two other doctors have suggested that she be relocated to a less intense program, and be allowed to mingle with people her age and leave the hospital without supervision.