It is easy to overlook, or even forget, that there are people, often a rather large team of them, behind the scenes who help coordinate and fuel any majorly successful artist's career-- simply because, that's the point-- the artist is the star. However, from negotiating massive record deals and brand partnerships to scheduling studio sessions, it's safe to say that a manager is a vital part of an artist's development. 

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Since there is no standard set of guidelines or rulebook for the world of music management, it becomes an extremely risky business. There is a fine line between a successful and inefficient manager. We have all seen incidents resulting in managers being dropped with no explanation. High risk and high reward is the perfect way to describe it.

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Who are the brave few that have reached success? Today we're highlighting fifteen of them. You may be familiar with some of these names already, while some keep a more low-key profile. Take a look. Presented in no particular order.