Sonny Digital thinks it's time for producers to get more credit.

In a video posted to Twitter Sonny vented about the lack of appreciation producers receive in the wake of the 2017 BET Awards yesterday evening, 

“Legit question: Why don’t producers get nominated for shit and we do all the fucking base-work and shit, though? Don’t get no awards,” He continues, “Don’t get no recognition. All the artists just sweet up our everything.”

He highlighted that lack of credit as a reasoning behind his decision to shift from producing to rapping, “Real shit, that’s why I’m not on my producer shit like that no more because even why I was trying to be on my producer shit, they wasn’t trying to give me the credit. I was putting up the points. They wasn’t giving me credit for this shit. Now with me rapping, I got my own voice and shit.”

Check out the full video below.