The family of Terry Carter, a man that Suge Knight ran over with a truck during the production phase of the NWA biopic, was seeking damages from Universal, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube over his death. The civil lawsuit contended that Cube, Dre and production were at fault for allowing Suge Knight to enter the premises, a man they believe should have never stepped hot on such hostile ground.

Terry Carter, a local businessman, was simply caught in the crossfire of a argument between Suge and Cle “Bone” Sloan, a technical adviser hired by F. Gary Gray, the film’s director. Upon entering the backlot, Suge Knight was confronted by Sloan and told to leave immediately. It’s at this point that Terry Carter tried to mediate the situation and find an equitable solution for both men. Suge Knight who was speaking out of his car window then proceeded to hit the gas when tempers reached a breaking point. Carter was subsequently struck by the vehicle rolling over his helpless body as Suge fled the scene.

The civil lawsuits alleged that Ice Cube and Dre were culpable for Knight’s actions, and directly responsible for employing Sloan, who as they put it: is a “known gangster and criminal with a more than ten-year history of ill will with (Knight).” Despite countless appeals, the court stood firm in their decision to absolve Cube and Dre of any wrongdoing. Their official statement:

 “Indeed, on the facts alleged in the operative complaint, there is good reason to conclude any alleged confrontation between Sloan and Knight at Tam’s Burgers with Carter present would be non-violent. The earlier interaction between Sloan and Knight at base camp was, by plaintiffs’ own admission, non- violent, and plaintiffs make no allegation that Knight or Sloan made any threats of future harm or violence during their base camp exchange of words — nor that defendants ever directed Sloan to confront Knight in a violent manner.”

Suge Knight on the other hand has an uphill battle to contend with in his manslaughter defense. The Death Row founder has reportedly gone through 15 different lawyers during this hit-and-run case.