Pharrell Criticized For Endorsing Israeli Defense Forces By Pro-Palestinians

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Pharrell is being criticized by Pro-Palestinians for pushing a double standard.

Pharrell Williams has been criticized by Palestinians and Pro-Palestinians for performing "Happy" at a gala fundraiser for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The event was organized by "Friends of the Israel Defence Forces," a pro-Israeli Zionist organization based out of New York City. To his defense, Pharrell wasn't the only celebrity to perform (in some capacity). Fran Drescher, Gerard Butler, and Ashton Kutcher were also on hand to help "Friends of the Israel Defence Forces" accrue up to $60 million.

Much of the backlash surrounding Pharrell's endorsement of the IDF is centered around the perceived hypocrisy of his actions. After performing "Happy," Pharrell delivered a short speech condemning the violence in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, but at what cost? The proceeds for galas like "Friends of the Israel Defence Forces" are ostensibly used to prolong the Palestinian occupation, through a show of force.

Was Pharrell's call to end "fighting" behind closed doors ultimately nullified by his endorsement of the IDF?

The internet seems to think so.

Many of Pharrell's opponents point to his cease and desist order sent to Donald Trump for using "Happy" in a media document addressing the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre, as strong evidence of a double-standard.

"It is difficult to understand how actors and performers, who carry the message of life, can support an army that carries out systematic killings," said Ahmed Abu Artema, an organizer of the Great March of Return protests in the Gaza Strip, in a communique with the Middle East Eye. "To us, anyone who funds this army has blood on their hands."

Pharrell has not yet responded to the accusations.

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