The romance between Winnie Harlow and her boo Wiz Khalifa is only heating up. After trading affectionate over social media then withdrawing quickly back to the privacy nest, Wiz has reignited the public’s curiosity into their love affair. The pendant chain Wiz Khalifa is pictured wearing (below) is as sure a sign of commitment as I’ve ever seen; a “Winnie” tattoo on Wiz Khalifa’s full-body canvas of “ink” would simply fade into the background.

Wiz has worn ornate pieces like this in the past, so it’s entirely possible the pendant was made especially for him. It is alternately possible that he is simply borrowing the pendant from Winnie in a showing of affection. The photo which gave rise to this discussion, shows Wiz clutching his woman in a comforting yet protective grip.

Wiz has been kept busy by the demands of his Rolling Papers 2 tour with Rae Sremmurd. Before rallying the troops, Wiz and Swae recorded “Hopeless Romantic,” a song in which the elder emcee explores his newfound emotions under the general header of  Jane Doe. Swae Lee, who has shown himself less receptive to displays of romance, simply holds down his crooner status for another person’s crash landing. What more can be said?