Kanye West’s recent visit on Jimmy Kimmel Live left a few people, including G-Eazy, a little uneasy about Kanye’s silence when asked about Donald Trump. “You so famously, and so powerfully, said George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” Jimmy said to Kanye. “It makes me wonder, what makes you think that Donald Trump does, or any people at all?”

Kanye froze, and just like that we never got an answer. Ye claimed it was because of a commercial break, and now Jimmy has shared his side of the story. “I went to commercial because the segment was supposed to be eight minutes long and we were already at 10 minutes. I didn’t have time to pick another leg of the conversation up there,” the talk-show host stated.

“I felt that his silence answered the question in some ways,” Jimmy said as to why he never pushed Ye. “And I also know that if Kanye wanted to continue on a subject then he is not shy about continuing on that subject. I also had a lot of areas I wanted to cover. I didn’t want to spend the whole interview on one thing.”