G-Eazy wasn't exactly impressed with Kanye's silence concerning Donald Trump. As we've reported, Kanye seemingly side stepped questions of his allegiance to Donald Trump while on Jimmy Kimmel. The talk show host and the rapper seem to have an underlying non-hostility pact, that bodes well for parties. Kanye gets to "side step" when the going gets tough, and Jimmy looks well in control of the proceedings. 

Kanye West has since elaborated on his silence, stating he was cut off by Jimmy before he could answer the question, the host ordering a commercial break while his guest considered his language. Of all the people to enter the discussion over Kanye's supposed reticence, it's G-Eazy who has drawn first blood. His message to Kanye: "We’re all still waiting on your answer, the floor is yours."

G-Eazy posted his message in response to Kanye's justification of silence. His callout engendered a time reaction fuse of Tweets demanding that Kanye essentially "fill in the blanks" on Twitter. Jimmy's question at the center of this debate: "What makes you think Donald Trump cares about black people or any people at all?" does reference past convictions Kanye may not want to revisit. The unscripted remark from 2005 remains Kanye West's defining iconoclastic gesture.