It’s been over two months since the untimely passing of XXXTENTACION. Since his death, his mother has been putting her efforts towards carrying his legacy and message past his death. She’s helped keep fans in the loop when it comes to anything related to his name especially his charity work. Shortly after his death, she revealed that X “left us a final gift” while revealing a sonogram of his child. Today, she took to Instagram to reveal the gender of the child.

XXXTENTACION’s mother revealed that his girlfriend is pregnant with a boy. She shared a photo of X’s girl’s baby bump on Instagram. At this point, it’s still unsure when the child is due. However, X’s mother has been interacting with X’s fans heavily since his passing and even filled his tomb with fan made tributes so she’ll likely announce when the child is born.

Over the past few weeks, the police have made some serious progress on X’s murder case. They’ve arrested and charged all four suspects in the case. The fourth suspect on the case, Trayvon Newsome, turned himself in to authorities through his lawyer earlier this month. He was charged with murder of the first degree and robbery with a deadly weapon, although he has pleaded not guilty.