Last week, it was reported that Young Thug was sent back to jail after failing a drug test. The news was surprising to most as many of his peers began reaching out, hoping for his release soon. Updates have been limited but he appears to still be locked up. Meek Mill, somebody who knows all too well what it’s like to be working against the justice system, has spoken out in support of his fellow artist. Now, an Atlanta icon is stepping up for his “lil bro,” calling for his immediate release.

T.I. is no stranger to politics, often getting controversial with his opinions on social media. This latest update is bound to get most rallying behind him though as he’s fighting for Young Thug to be freed from jail. He posted a photo of the rapper, sending a message directly to the police. While they’re unlikely to see it (and act on it if they do,) Tip is asking for Thugger to be released right now. “Free My lil Bro,” he wrote. “RIGHT GOT-DAMN NOW u hear me?!!?!?” 

He’s not the first to speak out about Thug’s recent incarceration. Hopefully, he’s free soon so he can get back to work on Barter 7, which he’s been teasing for a few weeks. Free King Slime.