Though Nicki Minaj had a lot to say on Episode 4 of Queen Radio, she didn’t get to give out all of her promised awards. At one point in the show, she spoke of a “secret hater” she was waiting to reveal. “There’s a male rapper in the industry who’s a big secret hater. Very jealous person,” she said. Though she made it seem as though this person’s name would be revealed at the end of the show, the episode ended with no further talk of the mystery man. When her fans asked about it on Twitter, Nicki made sure to let them know she hadn’t forgotten. “Next show,” she said.

Nicki also didn’t give out her award for “Cocksucker of the Day,” which she hinted may or may not go to Huffington Post over their article regarding Minaj’s Harriet Tubman comparison, though it’s possible these two titles are one in the same. 

A “freestyle” was also teased on the show, with Nicki promising that she addressed everyone she needed to in a recording that has yet to be released. It is unclear if this will also be shared on the next episode of Queen Radio.

One “award” she did give out was “Hoe N**** Of The Week” to Travis Scott, who she continued to bash for using what she has deemed as unfair tactics to sell records. She also revealed that controversial rapper 6ix9ine had not been approved to perform with her at the VMAs, despite fighting for him to be there.

The date and time of Queen Radio episode 4 has not yet been announced.