Mac Miller Pops Up On Seth Hirsch's "Say Goodbye:" The Anti-Valentine's Anthem

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Mac Miller & Seth Hirsch shed light on toxic relationships.

Up-and-coming rapper Seth Hirsch has come out of nowhere to include a posthumous Mac Miller verse to his song "Say Goodbye." The song was uploaded to Audiomack in the late afternoon yesterday, only to be forcibly removed shortly thereafter. After ruffling some feathers, Hirsch got his song authenticated on DatPiff where it currently stands at 11,000 views, with aspirations to do big Valentine's Day numbers.

But this ain't your typical Valentino moment. As Seth Hirsch confided in Complex, "Say Goodbye" is really a song about toxic relationships, and on that note: new beginnings. 

"After Mac passed away, I realized this song was about a lot more than that," Hirsch said of Mac's pertinence to the song. "It’s really about struggling to say goodbye to our personal demons and the chains they put on us. This song is such a window into Mac Miller’s soul and what he was going through."

Mac's Swimming was up for the "Best Rap Album" on Grammy weekend but was passed over. Cardi B, who wound up winning the award for her debut Invasion of Privacy, was generous in her acceptance speech, with her intention to share the prestigious achievement with the late rapper, forevermore.

Quotable Lyrics:

Goddamn it, baby; why you so shady?
You lie, oh, you lie
I know I might be crazy, but you might be wastin' my time
And Lord knows I've tried
So keep it real.

- Mac Miller

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