Ludacris already has successful rapper, actor and Whole Foods grocery shopper on his resume and now he’s adding a whole new role to his accomplishments. Luda, born Christopher Bridges, is the main man in Harry’s latest commercial promoting the brand’s body wash.

In the skit, Luda is seen reading a storybook to his son and gets the song stuck in his head. He finds himself singing the catchy beat while doing chores around the house, but really comes alive in the shower when using Harry’s product. 

“Sometimes we find it difficult to put into words how delightful a Harry’s shower can be,” the video’s description reads. “So we decided to let Ludacris have a crack at it instead. Here’s hoping our invigorating body wash and bar soap have the same effect on you.”

Check out the commercial below. 

Luda just hit 10 million followers on Instagram today and shared a special message thanking his fans. “WOW!! Just noticed we hit 10M! Trust that I LOVE each & every Single one of you. THANK YOU for riding with me on this Journey & know that The Best is yet to come!”