A few days back we posted about a woman who was shopping at an Atlanta Whole Foods when her bill exceeded the amount of money she had on her gift card. The 41-year-old was down on her luck and broke down in tears when a man named Chris stepped in and purchased her groceries for her. It wasn't until later that Therra Gwyn-Jaramillo realized that Chris was in fact, Ludacris

The New York Times got ahold of the story and did some digging on the matter and found out that Ludacris has been pulling this generous move more than once, he's also an avid shopper at Whole Foods and has been spotted endless times at the grocery chain - here's proof: 

He even hits up Whole Foods outside of his city.

All in all, if you're a true Ludacris fan and/or want to test your luck on the chance to score some free food, head to the Atlanta Whole Foods.