There were a total of, at least, 58 shootings in Chicago from Friday night to Sunday morning, reports CNN. Six of the shooting victims suffered fatal injuries. The shootings happened in bursts, as they tend to, with at least five different instances reported within 1 hour on Saturday night and seven in 1 hour on Sunday morning.

Two teenagers, ages 16 and 17, were found deceased in an open field in the far south side on East 131st Street between Eberhart and Rhodes with multiple gunshot wounds. In another area, a 33-year old man was sitting inside a vehicle on the side of the street when a gunman on a bicycle drove by, fired several shots, and escaped in an unknown direction. Police have made no arrests.

A total of five people were injured during a shooting at a softball game, taking place near 74th Street and Dante Avenue. A man in a black van inexplicably drove by and shot at those gathered for the game.

In another case, early on Sunday morning, two men were sitting on their porch around 1 AM, got up to leave, walking to their car, when they were fired at multiple times. Both men are in critical condition at University of Chicago medical center. When Chicago police interviewed a friend watching from the house, he expressed his frustration, throwing his hands in the air, saying “welcome to Chicago, I guess.”

Chicago police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson said of the weekend’s violence: “We had another unacceptable, violent weekend. These acts are tragic, senseless and cowardly.”

The people of Chicago are also exhausted of gun violence controlling their city They are blaming the Chicago Police Force for poor engagement with the community and setting a violent example. The vexation comes in light of recent of the recent release of body camera footage from the fatal shooting of Harith Augustus by a Chicago Police officer. The officer involved has been placed on 30 days of administration duty.