Last summer, Tyler, The Creator released Flower Boy, which many critics dubbed his most mature and cohesive body of work thus far. Yet prior to the initial album announcement, many believed the project would be titled Scum Fuck Flower Boy, with plenty of hype centering around that particular phrase. When the album came around, the “Scum Fuck” was dropped, perhaps more appropriately given the album’s “gentle” nature. Yet little did the masses know, Tyler has been keeping a secret Instagram account all this time. Today, he has made his “scumfuckflowerboy” alias official, sharing his long-hidden IG account for all to see.

The account contains hundreds of behind-the-scenes images and footage, including recording sessions, freestyles, debauchery, and much more. Fans of Tyler should check this out immediately, and peruse at your leisure. There’s even a clip of the elusive Frank Ocean laying down his vocals for “When This Flower Blooms.” For those keeping score, the first image was posted on April 29th, 2016.

The whole thing feels like a sort of avant-garde documentary, released in a truly original way. Patience may not feel like the strong suit of many rappers, but evidently, Tyler is absolutely zenlike in comparison to some of his peers. Scum Fuck Flower Boy lives on.