Even though his head coach had publicly praised his performances in the preseason, Denver Broncos’ quarterback Paxton Lynch ended up being leapfrogged by the 3rd string player on the depth chart. The man who usurped him, Chad Kelly had no influence over the matter, except in his play, which the coach deemed superior to Paxton Lynch performances thus far. 

To make matters worse, Paxton Lynch was the subject of a fan petition earlier in the week to get him removed from the team. Although he didn’t initially respond to the insurrection of the fanbase, but coach Vance Joseph isn’t that he was impressed with Paxton’s play, it was only a matter of Chad Kelly demonstrating excellent form.

Never-the-less, the Denver Broncos’ fans in attendance preseason game against the Chicago Bears weren’t showing the same “bedside manner.” Upon entering the game in the 3rd quarter, Paxton was met with a chorus of boos. “I feel bad for Paxton, but our fans want to win,” Vance Joseph said after the game. “That’s what it’s about. It’s about passion, I should say. But I feel bad for Paxton. He has to ignore it and go play.”

Easier said than done, because Paxton now has two quarterbacks ahead of him in the pecking order. Unless the team becomes decimated by injuries, his 11-of-22 passing record in preseason play is likely not going to win him any snaps in the regular season. Below is a clip where Paxton affirms his no quit mentality. That’s the spirit!