Last year, G Herbo’s baby mother Ari Fletcher announced that she was no longer with the Chicago rapper. The two share time with their baby boy, who Herbo constantly posts on his socials, but Ari still seems disturbed about how things ended with her ex-boyfriend. She’s been linked to Young M.A for a few weeks as it appears the social media personality may be moving from men to women. After some flirting went down on Instagram, they appear to have linked up again, marking yet another time they’ve been spotted together in the span of a few days.

If they’re not dating, M.A and Ari are the closest of friends because they have been causing fans to speculate on the nature of their bond for a minute. They were previously seen together at a club with each of the two updating their IG stories accordingly. The female emcee said that she was chilling with “the homie” and Fletcher was equally platonic. The most recent instance of the two women bonding come by way of their matching Miami skyline videos. Neither of the two ladies is shown in the videos but they both flexed a nearly identical view from a rooftop in Florida, prompting many to believe that they’re more than just friends.

Looks like Ari moved on pretty quickly. Herbo is also in a new relationship, posting a photo with his girl on New Year’s Day.