G Herbo's baby mother didn't exactly emancipate herself of responsibilities per se. In a message aimed at would-be player haters, Herbo's baby mother Ariana Fletcher announced that she was single from this point onward. She did inevitably take a swipe at those who came between her and her baby father while they were an item. The message, since erased from the confines of Instagram, is no less important now that it's been traced to a mirror image, thanks to assiduous detective work by The Shade Room. 

The post was seemingly made to highlight her new coffin nail acrylics, upon first glance. Next to the picture, Ariana aired out some grievances whilst announcing that she was indeed single, and no longer tied to G Herbo romantically.

Her message read: "I'm only addressing this because you weak ass hoes f***ing folks and I'm not gone lie it's embarrassing because y'all so weak so I don't want y'all thinking y'all f***ing my n****," she said, ending her note with a caveat, "F**k at your own risk!"

Based on the last part of her caption alone, it stands to reason that infidelity may have played a part in their not so amicable split. It's when and how Ariana Fletcher and G Herbo were first introduced, but they do share a child, G Herbo's first and only parental experience. The pair were rumored to be engaged before this unfolding.