Chris Brown has what they call stage presence, or a certain je ne sais quoi? The young fan who fainted right into his arms during a concert is ready to speak his piece. Not only is the 9-year-old appreciate of his idol’s quick reflexes, but he’d like the rest of us to know that he’s fully recovered from the “visible trauma.”

The incident began as the invited guest, Parion McCoy, sauntered on staged, where he was able to hold it together until the singer offered his hand, a greeting that sent the boy into la-la land. McCoy claims he fell to the ground because he was starstruck (d’uh). The video diary, seemingly staged by a close relative (confirmed to be his mother), asks McCoy to replay what he remembers of the incident, especially the tender moments after he arose from his short loss of consciousness.

Once he’d wrapped up his account of the evening, his mother joined him in camera view and proceeded to tell the “audience” how big a fan McCoy is of Chris Brown. The part of the video that might embarrass the 9-year-old when he grows a little older, starts at the one minute mark when his mom brings up her son’s habit of dancing around the house like Breezy. I’ll tell you now, there’s nothing wrong with a little daytime rhumba.