Stoners rejoice: 420 has arrived. This high holy day in weed culture, this Marijuana Mardi Gras, is an opportunity to indulge in one's hedonistic impulses and get as high as humanly possible.

We asked 14 artists (yes, we're counting Cinematic Music Group president Jonny Shipes as an artist) how they're celebrating 420. We kinda-sorta already knew the answer, but we wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth.


DJ Whoo Kid

I will be most likely be celebrating it on stage in front of 10,000 fans with the biggest blunt we can make from Dutch Master. I had a smoke off last year with Waka Flocka on stage which lead to an eventful ambulance ride. Damn you Seattle!!!

Jonny Shipes

Everyday is 420 for me. But on the specific 420, I’ll be eating like a savage with my buds over at West Coast Cure. they rented out this bomb hibachi spot, from there I'm gonna head over to the Smokers Club show & get fried with all my friends.


I plan on doing crazy shit aside from the 4/20 Smokers Club show with Joey Badass, Flatbush Zombies, Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi. I’ma just turned up for all my homies in jail or in the sky.I also am gonna be the smallest name but make mad ppl come out for my performance. And it's lit that I get to experience that with all the niggas I looked up to when I was young coming up in the streets.

CJ Fly

I'll be performing alongside Joey, the Zombies, & Uzi. After that I'm gonna be selling some exclusive merch in celebration of the holiday and then attempt to roll the biggest joint I've ever rolled. So lots and lots of weed, me being high, and vibes.


I’m ‘bout to smoking the finest cheeba in the bay area with Kool John and Berner at the annual Hippie Hill show in San Francisco.

Nef the Pharaoh

I’ll be performing at Berner’s Hippie Hill show in San Francisco. 420 is a special day for me because I’ve got a weed line. I’ve slowly but surely been perfecting my own Egyptian-themed pre-roll blunts and joints, which area available at a ton of dispensaries in Cali and next up, I'm going to drop a Nef The Pharaoh line of extract oils and dabs.

Eric Bellinger

I'll be doing a meet & greet at the Higher Path Dispensary in The Valley in LA at 4:20 for the release of my new project, Cannabliss.This is the first year I've really being "all in," so my plans when I leave the shop are to do nothing but smoke lol. I might drive up to the hilltop where I shot the video for my Black Beatles cover and go through a dozen pre rolls over looking Los Angeles County.


This year I'm celebrating 420 in Edmonton, Canada rocking a show for all my Canadians that like to get stoney. I'm looking forward to it because the fans are always cool and the weed is always fire.


This 4/20 I'm gonna be in Atlanta on the hunt for the best ganja in the city.

Sorry Jaynari

420 is the only time I smoke in the year so I'll be in the lab high with my weedhead homies.


Don Trip and I have got a show that night  in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It's just another day. I don't even know or understand the significance of the numbers or date. I smoke weed everyday like Nate Dogg (RIP).

Blaq Tuxedo

We like to get lit, like the song says. But for us weed helps our studio sessions by creating the right vibe and environment for us to create and bounce ideas off of each other. It's also a part of socializing in LA at parties and in general.

Tasha The Amazon

In Toronto, 4/20 goes down in Trinity Bellwoods Park. There’s usually thousands of people out there. And with like 15 dispensaries in the area, we’ll just hit the best ones, cop a rare selection of goods and post up in the sunshine with a cooler and the whole crew.

Young Scooter

Everyday is like 4/20 for me and my pahtnas. Prolly will have a few of my homies just rollin up in the studio all day wrapping up this project Jug King droppin soon!  Maybe hit up the strip club after for some food, you know ATL got like 5-star dining in the middle of the strip clubs!!