The investigation surrounding XXXTENTACION’s murder is still ongoing but police have been working hard to find all the men involved with the rapper’s death. The rapper was shot and killed after leaving a high-end motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach. Prior to going to the motorcycle shop, it was revealed that the rapper took out a large sum of money at the bank. It was previously reported that the individuals who murdered him were initially trying to rob him before it went left. Now, court documents revealed that the Louis Vuitton bag he had in his car at the time of his death held tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

According to court documents obtained by CNN, XXXTENTACION was holding $50K in cash in a small Louis Vuitton bag at the time of his death. The rapper had withdrawn the cash –$100 bills in bank wrappers — prior to going to the motorcycle store. Several suspects were spotted in photographs and videos flaunting large amounts of cash on the day of X’s death. It was revealed shortly after his murder that X was in a scuffle with the suspects over the Louis Vuitton bag before they shot and killed him.

At this point, the police have arrested two suspects in the case, Dedrick D. Williams and Michael Boatwright. Yesterday, the grand jury officially indicted four suspects which include the two previously mentioned along with Trayvon Newsome and Robert Allen. Police are still searching for Newsome and Allen.