XXXTentacion's Alleged Abuse Victim Speaks Out After His Death

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XXXTentacion, also known as Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy poses for his mugshot after being charged with seven new felonies stemming from a 2016 domestic violence case on December 15, 2017 in Miami, Florida
Geneva Ayala is grieving the death of her ex-boyfriend, XXXTentacion.

In the months leading up to XXXTentacion's untimely passing, further information was being revealed about the alleged abuse that Geneva Ayala sustained at the hands of X. At the time of some of the alleged incidents, Geneva was pregnant, which led many to turn off of XXXTentacion in a heartbeat. X and Geneva were planning on going to trial shortly and, due to such unfortunate circumstances, the case will likely never be resolved now. While some would expect the alleged victim to be celebrating X's death, the two were very close and his murder is obviously something difficult for her to work through. Being tagged in numerous disrespectful threads on social media pertaining to XXX, Geneva spoke out to her followers about yesterday's events, letting her true thoughts be known.

In any situation, it is unfair to put words in somebody's mouth. In order to dispell any rumors about how she was reacting to the news of XXXTentacion's death, Ayala put her emotions into words on Twitter. She wrote, "i know y’all don’t fuck w me, but this isn’t about me. just please stop tagging me in disrespectful threads and arguments. i honestly don’t care for any of the hype. i lost someone close to me. leave me alone." The writer and self-described "camgirl" elaborated, "i didn’t lose my life. he did. it’s permanent. i’m still here. like how do you think that makes me feel? everyone expecting me to be relieved or happy?! no, i’m broken."

Hopefully, people begin to pay more respect to Geneva and the rest of X's family and friends as they have lost a loved one, which is never easy to do. RIP X.

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