Owner of one of the best albums of this year, XXXTentacion has been subject to his fair share of controversy. Over a year ago, he was accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend, something that has stuck with him for the length of his career, prompting many conversations about if it is morally alright to support him among fans. While some choose to separate his art from his being, others have had difficulty doing so, writing him off altogether. Offering his true story to the Miami New Times, X spoke with the publication about his life and career and in order for readers to get a full look into his life, they also reached out the woman accusing him of abuse.

In the detailed piece, both X and Geneva Ayala, his accuser, speak to the Miami New Times in separate interviews. While he has not been proven guilty in the alleged assault of his pregnant girlfriend, Ayala detailed exactly how he would abuse her in the interview. She said, "His favorite thing was to just backhand my mouth," also noting that he would try and get her to commit suicide by filling a bathtub with water and dangling a microwave over it, threatening to let go. XXXTentacion was accused last year of psychologically and physically abusing Ayala, even after she revealed to him that she was pregnant. 

Ayala's statement on the abuse is shocking, stating that he beat her at times, choked her, broke hangers on her legs, threatened to shave her head or cut out her tongue, pressed knives or scissors to her face, and held her head underwater while promising to drown her. The full profile is available here, where the rapper gives his thoughts on feminism and his childhood.