With Omarosa making a slew of headlines this week, Jimmy Kimmel had a few things to say. In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, the talk show host spoke on the time the former Trump aide dipped out on his show before he had the chance to interview her.

Kimmel opened up about an incident in 2004 when Omarosa abruptly left the set of his late-night talk show after she was scheduled for an interview. He explained that he was setting up a segment involving a fake lie detector test with his one-time show fixture, Uncle Frank.

“What happened was, my Uncle Frank lied about something,” he said. “And I thought it would be funny to give him a fake lie detector test on the air, something that he thought was real.”

As Omarosa was getting ready to sit down with Kimmel, she saw the lie detector and “decided that we were going to spring it on her,” Kimmel said.

“But she stormed out of there and the show was live, so we had no guest,” he continued. “She was very angry.”

Despite not having a guest for the evening, Kimmel said that it worked out for him.

““I remember thinking it’s better this way,” Kimmel recalled. “I didn’t want to have her on the show. The woman—there’s clearly something wrong with her. And the fact that Donald Trump hired her is really all you need to know about that guy and his organization.”

Kimmel does have a point.