Teyana Taylor has used Twitter to disgrace Jeremih in light of his alleged “diva” behavior. The singer was sharing the stage and co-billing with Jeremih on the ill-fated “Later That Night” tour. Teyana had already outlined a scenario in which Jeremih demanded the attention of the tour staff at all times, pulling the team away from Taylor’s backstage quarter as he saw fit.

His “diva” antics as she describes them, led her to abandon the tour effective immediately. Ticket holders in Toronto are likely holding their breath for an official cancellation, but i’d bet against a last minute truce, because Teyana’s temper is reporting seismic activity. Check out this IG live session where she details the incidents that brought her to this molten point.


Teyana claims that Jeremih changed her PA settings before she took the stage. He neglected to mop up a water spill that could have taken out her back. Jeremih reportedly changed the lighting fixtures 6 times before granting the support staff a break in the action. She also alleges that Jeremih coerced the video guy into tweaking her stage presentation so his would look better in comparison. 

Teyana also contends that Jeremih announced Teyana as his opener during the Boston leg of the tour, when they’d agreed upon equal billing when terms were discussed in New York. All to say, Teyana Taylor aka Petunia is in a fighting mood and Jeremih better stand clear of her Steph Curry-range. Sage the Gemini can attest to being slapped by Teyana, and it’s nothing he’d wish upon anybody.


Teyana’s emasculation of Jeremih has come full-circle before the occasion even presented for punches and kicks. This comment-drop on Jeremih’s Instagram is rather succinct, his silence deafening in comparison. Jeremih’s boogie woogie video posted on his Instagram page only passes inspection if you’re already kneeled over a swash bucket.

Hopefully news regarding the “Later That Night” tour or its impending cancellation surface in the next little while. 


Teyana Taylor Serves The Tea On Jeremih: "U Don't Want No Smoke N****"