Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy has been ordered to let his ex girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, back into his Georgia home later this month so she can collect personal items that she left behind last month. Cordon had moved out of McCoy’s home shortly after a July 10 home invasion in which she was severely beaten and robbed of jewelry.

According to TMZ Sports, McCoy changed the locks after the incident and refused to let Cordon back inside to get her things. However, a state court judge in Fulton County signed off on a plan which will allow Cordon to go to the house on August 20 at 2pm with a deputy sheriff who will supervise while she collects her belongings.


Cordon is also suing McCoy and his former University of Pittsburgh teammate, Tamarcus Porter, in connection with the home invasion, according to ESPN.

The lawsuit does not directly accuse McCoy, or Porter, of conducting or ordering the attack, but it alleges the Bills running back should be held financially responsible for Cordon’s injuries because “he had previously changed the security codes to the home and refused to provide them to her,” according to ESPN. Furthermore, the suit argues that McCoy had “actual and constructive knowledge of criminal activity existing on the property on July 10, 2018” because Porter had previously told police he could watch a live feed of security cameras in the house.


“The suit says the assailant in the home invasion “indicated [to Cordon] that he knew McCoy.” Cordon told a 911 dispatcher after the attack that she suspected McCoy “set her up” because he had previously asked her to return the jewelry that was stolen from her during the home invasion.”

Cordon’s suit also argues that McCoy “breached his duty to use ordinary care to protect Plaintiff from dangerous activities being conducted at the Residence,” and seeks damages including $133,000 in stolen jewelry and $13,000 in furniture that was taken by McCoy’s family and friends in early June in an attempt to kick her out of the residence.


LeSean McCoy Ordered To Let Delicia Cordon Retrieve Items From His Home