Kash Doll Addresses Drake Dating Rumours & Sets The Record Straight

Kash & Drake are just friends.

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Drake has been linked to a few gyals in the last few months solely thanks to the internet who takes one photo of the man with a certain lady and claims it's his new bae. First it was Raye, yesterday it was Malaika Terry and today Kash Doll is following up on reports that it's her.  The "Check" rapper paid a visit to Angela Yee's YouTube talk show Lip Service where a photo of Drake hugging on Kash came up. 

"Why is it that as soon as you post a picture or you around somebody or something you dating them," Kash says when told that people have been saying they're a couple. "I don't feel like nothing wrong, I ain't hugging him, I'm just sitting there chillin' and he just put his arm around me like that's my dawg. That's what I felt, maybe I just know what it is." She admits that guys have taken their shot at her, not saying that Drake has, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything. 

Drizzy slid into Kash's DM back in 2016 and asked her to open for him on his Summer Sixteen tour in her native city Detroit. Since then Kash has blown up and continues to make a name for herself. She recently garnered some attention when she said that Cardi B scrapped her from her debut album on the YG assisted track "She Bad." 

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