Before all the “TREYWAY” screams and his ten hit singles, Tekashi 6ix9ine was just a regular dude trying to find his niche. He ended up hitting a home run and it’s a good thing he did because those face tattoos are permanent. He’s been a controversial figure for much of his career but in recent months, he’s been trying to do good in people’s lives by handing out money to those who need it most. As successful as he is, he always tries to remember where he came from. Considering it wasn’t too long ago that he was struggling to make it, he reached into his not-so-distant memory to show the inside of his childhood home to his fans.

Artists rarely open up in this manner but Tekashi wanted his fans to know that truly anybody can make it if they work hard to achieve their goals. He walked through his family home, showing the bed that he used to sleep in next to his mother “until a fucking late ass age” and revealing that he spent his last few dollars on a computer so he could learn how to edit his own videos. The clip ends with Tekashi standing outside in his Brooklyn neighborhood handing out money to children. He may have been involved in some shady stuff but it’s becoming really difficult to dislike 6ix9ine the more we get to know him.

Watch the video below to see where he lived “before all the fame.”