ESPN recently shared a graphic of their panel’s 2018-19 Rookie of the Year projections, revealing that 58% believe Dallas Mavericks’ rookie guard Luka Doncic will take home Rookie of the Year honors. The next most popular choice was #1 overall pick DeAndre Ayton, followed by Grizzlies big man Jaren Jackson Jr. 

Naturally, fans had plenty to say about the Rookie of the Year debate, including one Instagram user who commented on the graphic, “This is terrible, luka is the most overrated person I’ve seen in my life.” Denver Nuggets rookie Michael Porter Jr. apparently cosigned that statement, as he went ahead and clicked on the heart icon next to it.

Of course, news of Porter’s “like” quickly spread, thanks to @MPJCenter, an instagram account dedicated to all things Michael Porter Jr. Shortly thereafter, Luka Doncic’s former teammate in Spain, Dino Radoncic, commented on a story about it. “MVP of Euroleague can’t be overrated,” wrote Radoncic on Twitter, “A injured player who has not played 5 college games can be overrated. #Facts.” That got a “like” out of Luka, as shown in the tweet embedded below.

Doncic, 19, was named EuroLeague MVP last season, and led Real Madrid to a EuroLeague title while earning Final Four MVP honors and a spot on the All-EuroLeague first team, according to Bleacher Report. He averaged 14.5 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4.6 assists and 1.1 steals in 61 combined Liga ACB and EuroLeague appearances. 

Porter Jr. was widely regarded as the top high school basketball prospect when he enrolled at Missouri last year, but an injury kept him out of action for most the season. The Nuggets are reportedly taking it slow with Porter Jr., and there’s a chance he’ll sit out the entire 2018-19 season.

Porter Jr. x Doncic

Michael Porter Jr. Likes Instagram Post Calling Luka Doncic Overrated