Bow Wow made headlines a couple days ago when he lost control of his temper while shooting his reality series Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta and absolutely trashed the set, throwing down cameras and willing to get physical with anyone that approached him. In total, he ended up causing nearly $300,000 worth in damages. Sources that witnessed the outbursts say Bow Wow went from “cool and collected to a person no one recognized” at the snap of a finger. At the time, it was unknown what caused the sudden outburst, but TMZ is reporting that it was due to his girlfriend stirring things up.

Production sources say the rapper’s girlfriend called him and was venting about a disagreement she had with a crew member on the set of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, and that’s what got him so heated. TMZ also reports that Bow Wow was told he was being set up by crew members to start fights with people on set.

Bow Wow has reportedly been removed from filming until further notice. Sources say the production company wants take money out of Bow Wow’s check to cover the damages he caused, but he’s threatening to walk away if they force him to pay. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


Bow Wow

Bow Wow’s Outburst On “Growing Up Hip-Hop” Caused By Girlfriend: Report