DJ Paul Predicts Financial Apocalypse In America: 'We Need Assault Rifles'

DJ Paul disagrees with motion to ban automatic weapons in America.

BYDevin Ch
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DJ Paul is one of the few notable hip hoppers on the controversial side of the gun control debate, the side calling for the status quo. TMZ caught up him at LAX on Saturday, asking him to comment on the 'hot topic of the day.' The interviewer started his questioning by referencing actual manifestations in Memphis, the rapper's home state.

DJ Paul recounted a recent visit to Ole Miss University in Mississippi, just South of Tennessee. DJ Paul noticed several stickers around campus brandishing a slogan in support of gun ownership, and tighter tighter stipulations. The slogan read: 'ban idiots not guns.' DJ Paul agreed with the slogan in principle, asserting that 'we' just needed to be stricter on the rules. 

Things then took a turn, as DJ Paul dug deeper into his bag. He quoted a ten year old segment 20/20 in which a pundit of some sort predicted an economic recession in 20 year's time. The recession theory was talked about as if it would be an all-time low for the confederacy. DJ Paul admits that he has based his beliefs on the pundit's prediction. In the event America is so poor (it) can't afford Homeland Security, he wants to own assault rifles with the purpose of guarding his estate. 

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