Dave East is fresh off of the release of his latest project, Karma 2 which came out towards the end of July. Within the span of 12 months, he’s kept himself busy and pushed out four different mixtapes. Suffice to say, the guy deserves a bit of a vacation. The rapper’s been flexing on the ‘Gram while he’s been vacationing in DR with his baby mama, Millie. However, the rapper had a PSA for anyone who’s been sliding in her DM’s.

Dave East is ready to run a fade on anyway that’s sliding in his baby mama’s DM’s while they’ve been on Instagram. It seems like the rapper has confirmed that the two of them are back together.

“Iight, check this out, right. You know what I’m sayin, I know a lot of y’all n***as are in her comments and her little messages and shit,” he said before directing the camera to his girl. “Y’all could suck my whole dick, for one. For two, catch me in the streets. If I see any of you fuckers leaving these comments, be the gangsta that you feel like you is.”


Earlier this year, Dave East shared a heartfelt message for Millie on Instagram after the two had a pretty nasty back and forth on Instagram. Thankfully, they’ve moved past it and are living their best lives in DR.