Kash Doll Claims Asian Doll Doesn't Like Her Over A Man; Asian Doll Responds

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Clash of the Dolls.

Two of the most successful Doll rappers have found themselves in a public twitter feud that no one really knows the bottom of. The beef seemingly started after Kash Doll threw up a number of tweets suggesting artists she would like to collaborate with and the kind of music she wants to make. A fan must have tweeted at the "Check" rapper about Asian Doll that led Kash to respond accordingly:  

"Asian been not liking me over a nigga i didn’t even want! She be fronting to y’all! I’m a grown as woman i never had beef with her i think she’s like 20 but u can’t keep popping off when u was a fan before and i embraced yo lil ass!" she tweeted. 

Of course, The Shaderoom got word of her tweet that probably linked Asian Doll to the statement, forcing the "Itty Bitty Bitches" artists to respond. "Been on my dick since I was 19 bitch get a grip already shut up you talk to much not enough recording!!," she tweeted, adding: "Asian doll has No beef with nobody! I’m in album mode."

There's been no word on a reply from Kash Doll yet, but hopefully, this doesn't escalate into more unnecessary tension between two female rappers with the same last name. 

Whose music do you guys prefer, Kash Doll or Asian Doll? Let us know in the comments.



Kash Doll Claims Asian Doll Doesn't Like Her Over A Man; Asian Doll Responds
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