One of hip-hop’s favorite couples of the last few years has been Young Thug and Jerrika Karlae. Many viewed them as their “relationship goals” as he consistently went on and on about how much he loved her in his music. Showing up at many of his red carpet events alongside him, Jerrika always fully supported her man through the scrutiny and criticism. You’ll recall the internet severely clowning Thug directly after “Lifestyle” dropped. The attention ended up being shifted to create a star out of Jeffery and Karlae was there for all of it. Last year, when the couple broke up, many fans of theirs voiced their disappointment but when it was reported that they were considering getting back together recently, faith was restored. The two may not officially be dating but Jerrika gave an explanation to those wondering about their status.

One fan tagged both Thugger and Jerrika, saying that if they can make their relationship work, love is real. The aspiring rapper responded to the tweet, saying that every couple has been through things, including herself and Thug. “We was just hella young with a lot of money , and no map on how to do shit the right way,” she wrote, elaborating, “To many people out here faking the ‘perfect I’m happy’ role 😪 all relationships go thru shit.”

Jerrika does not exactly reveal if she and Thug are trying to rekindle the flame here. In fact, the reply can read as either a confirmation they’re back together, the opposite, or absolutely nothing. Jerrika is currently working on her own music as she has hopefully been taking notes from Thug.