The chemistry between 50 Cent and Eminem has been well-established, and while it’s been a minute since they have joined forces, a reunion would prove a welcome surprise for longtime fans. Given Em’s recent tendency to collaborate with pop’s best and brightest, hearing him once again trade bars with 50 could be exactly what the Stans need. It seems like Whoo Kid is on the same page, as he closes out the conversation (around the eighteen minute mark) by inquiring about the possibilities of a joint album between Gatman and Robbin.

Thankfully, Whoo Kidd doesn’t bullshit, straight up asking 50 whether or not a collaborative album will be something to look forward to. Though 50 fails to provide anything concrete, he doesn’t exactly write off the possibility. “Who knows, now that there’s only 7 songs on an album,” he muses. Whoo Kid doubles down, saying “I can’t see it not happening.” A fair point, given Em and 50’s extensive history of collaborations. More to himself, 50 seems to reflect on what it might sound like, a question previously explored right here, on this very publication.

“We did so many cool things,” says Fif. “I found a way to collaborate with Slim Shady. Now [I have to collaborate] with Eminem. When we did records, a lot of times, when we did “Psycho” or “Gatman & Robbin,” it was not the Marshall Mathers side of Em. When he does that, it’s a different thing.” He proceeds to tease a rare look into Em’s sacred computer vault, saying “he has a song that feels like Stan, written in that period. He got mad shit, like super hot shit that he don’t play.”

As a proud fan of Relapse, the idea of Relapse 2 rotting the in vault is one that hurts to this day. And of course, 50 Cent proceeds to reopen old wounds, while simultaneously keeping hope for the scrapped sequel alive. “When we did Relapse, we did Relapse 1 and 2,” says 50. “My favorite music was on 2. We collaborated on a lot of joints on the second one, but when he didn’t like the response he got for Relapse, he went to Recovery.” Unfortunately, there seems to be one major hurdle – Eminem himself. “He’s his toughest critic,” says 50. “But I always look at this shit like, did you hear what they just put out? This shit is garbage! You could put this shit out right now!”

The man has spoken. On the chance that anybody in Eminem’s camp is reading this, please implore Em to take a second look at Relapse 2. Clearly, 50 Cent is all in for it, and it genuinely seems like the project would be welcomed with open armed, given the positive feedback of Revival’s Framed. 

50 Cent & Eminem

50 Cent Teases Eminem's Lost "Relapse 2": "We Collaborated On A Lot Of Joints"