More money, more houses, or so it seems. Kylie Jenner may be loving her home that she now shares with her daughter, Stormi Webster, since her beau Travis Scott and she have yet to move in together, but there’s something that was seemingly missing. It doesn’t come in the form of a car or renovations, but rather a luxury doghouse for her numerous dogs that she very well looks at as her children. 

According to new snaps by the 20-year-old, a bojuee ass doghouse is almost finished being built in her backyard and it will have AC, heating and ample space for her pooches to relax in private. “You guys, my doghouse is almost done,” she says in the video below. “How cute! It’s gonna be air-conditioned, and [have] a heater…It’s like a guesthouse.” According to E!, Kylie has seven dogs in total.

On other snaps, Kylie showed off Stormi’s impeccable shoe collection proving that the little one is already on a path of only good get-ups.