As the most popular female rapper since... basically ever, Nicki Minaj faces more than her fair share of hurdles in the media. More often than not, she's portrayed as a "bitchy" or "bossy" individual who's liable to fly off the handle at any moment, and that's not even mentioning the unfair tightrope she's forced to walk between fans of her considerable lyrical talents and her more pop music-oriented supporters. This image of an immensely talented loudmouth who cashes out on "Starships" in favor of staying on the mixtape circuit is one egged on (if not created) by the media, and thusly she's faced uphill battles during interviews on numerous occasions. Luckily, she happens to be well-equipped for dealing with disrespect, and has a track record of some truly great comebacks. 

This morning, we got the latest of those, which in effect cut the interview short. Here are Ms. Minaj's wittiest and most brutal put-downs in the face of leading questions, sexist remarks and bigoted "real rap" fans.