D.R.A.M., whose real name is Shelley Massenburg-Smith, is a rapper out of Hampton, Virgina. You might know him from his viral hit "Cha Cha," or from his track "$" with Donnie Trumpet. You also might not know him at all, which exactly why he deserves the spotlight on this weeks Essential Tracks segment.

The Virginia artist just released his latest EP Gahdamn!, a nine-song effort that displays some of his best work to date. Before that, it was #1EpicEP. Twitter-ready release titles aren't the only thing keeping D.R.A.M. modern either; his track "Cha Cha" influenced Drake's "Hotline Bling" and a whole slew of tropical-sounding, latin-flaring hip hop tracks. He's also just as capable of recording indie dance music as rap, which makes him a full-blown renaissance man.

Without further ado, sink your teeth into D.R.A.M.'s ten most essential cuts.