If you've been tasked with stocking up on groceries and supplies this week, you know just how dire things are starting to look out there. Walking around the neighborhood, you'll hear much less chatter than usual. Wandering into the supermarket might remind you of an early episode of The Walking Dead with empty shelves and panic-stricken customers roaming the aisles. Quavo recently took a trip to the store to re-up on goods for himself and Saweetie when he came across a section of the market that had been rummaged and was left with nothing. It made for the perfect post-apocalyptic setting.

Quavo Coronavirus
Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

We're not quite there yet but the words "global pandemic" definitely sound as though we're on our way to a George Orwellian reality. Migos rapper Quavo went shopping in a hoodie and a face mask to protect himself, taking a picture in one of the aisles and perhaps coming through with the spookiest coronavirus-related image yet. The rapper stands in the middle of the row with the majority of items already in the hands of other concerned individuals. Empty shelves and non-essential price tags are all that's left.

It's important not to panic during a time like this. Don't hoard supplies. That's simply unfair to the people who actually need toilet paper and hand sanitizer. You don't need forty-seven bottles of Purell laying around, Karen.